PMH Aquires Innovative 4D Ultrasound Technology

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PMH Aquires Innovative 4D Ultrasound Technology

PMH Medical Center is proudly now offering 3D and 4D Ultrasound. This innovative technology gives PMH the ability combine the information from a previous study with the images produced during their ultrasound. This ability to upload prior studies such as CT, MR, U/S and mammography which allows our doctors and staff to broaden their assessment so that they can provide diagnosis and therapy guidance with higher confidence.

Healthcare quality and healthcare efficiency are obviously national issues. With the addition of the new technology, PMH takes an important step toward improvements in both. On the new Ultrasound equipment, instead of pressing hundreds of buttons on the keyboard, our technologists can simply press one button and the system responds in pre-programmed ways. Studies have shown more than 50% reductions in exam time with this innovation. PMH intends to use this efficiency to provide enough capacity to focus more on personalized patient care.

The most significant patient benefit from the new 3D, 4D Ultrasound technology will be noticed in the quality of images provided. The traditional ultrasound image is made using sound waves travel through the body. This new technology uses the same basic technique, but now accounts for differences in body and tissue type and adjusts the sound processing in response. The result is that the quality of images is noticeably better on almost every patient, and PMH expects to be able to provide more confident diagnoses as a result. PMH will also be available to provide expectant mothers and their families with detailed images of their babies as early as 28 weeks. The quality and detail of the new images far outweighs any imagery available in the past decade.

3D imaging, now a standard of care in prenatal care, is extended to real-time 3D ultrasound and has many new applications beyond ultrasound of the baby. This exciting new technology provides not only real-time 3-dimensional imaging, but 4-D imaging which allows our physicians to examine organs throughout the body from almost any angle. To learn more about this groundbreaking technology or schedule your appointment, visit or call 509-786-2222.

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